Croque Monsieur
Black forest ham & Gruyère baked on Country bread served open faced 7.50

Croque Madame
Black forest ham, Gruyère & 2 local eggs baked on Country bread served open faced 9.75

Two baked eggs served with sautéed tomato, red peppers & onions, topped with spiced yogurt & tossed hazelnuts, with toasted Pain de Mie, served in a cast iron skillet 11.25

Galette Complète
Savory crepes, spinach, sunny side up farm egg, Parmesan cheese, served in a cast iron skillet 9.50

Petite Oeufs Classique
Two fried eggs, house-smoked bakon & toasted Brioche 9.00

Omlette du Jour
Chef Inspired  Priced Daily

Quiche Lorraine
With house-smoked bacon, red onions & Gruyère, served with a fresh green salad  10.75

Oeufs Pochés
Two poached farm eggs over seared crispy polenta cake and house made sausage with tomato compote & Hollandaise sauce 11.25

Accompagnement 6.00
Pommes Frites
House Smoked Bacon
Crispy Proscuitto
Sautéed Spinach
Grilled Asparagus


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