Farmers Markets

As our Cafe evolved into a fine dining bistro at night, we had in mind the celebration for the natural bounty of the land & sea of Cape Cod. From the very beginning we cultivated relationships with local fisherman and small producing farms. As the local food movement grew, we recognized the opportunity to share our all natural, handmade breads, croissants, and pastries, along side these farmers, fisherman, meat purveyors, and other food Artisans, at Farmer’s Markets.

During the market season, you will see our road team in the following Farmer’s Market locations:

  • Falmouth Farmer’s Market, Scranton Ave Marine Park, Falmouth
  • Hingham Farmer’s Market, Hingham Bathing Beach Rte 3A

Please visit Farmer’s Markets. By doing so, you are supporting the local economy and a great community of people, committed to organic farming and sustainable agriculture, along with Artisans, who provide the finest handmade products sourced from local ingredients.

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